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Bilingue A1 Level Spanish Course

Beginner Level Course

This course is the perfect introductory course designed for anyone regardless of age who wants to get a solid foundation in the Spanish Language with a private language tutor from Latin America. The Bilingue Course works on developing each of the four key skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Goals of the Course

Learn to speak Spanish with confidence and a comfortable degree of fluency.

Become familiar with different native Spanish-Speaking accents from Latin America to make understanding speakers easier.

Forget about the distractions of the classroom space and competing for attention with other students.

The course is punctuated with many cultural notes and examples from all over the Spanish-Speaking World. Your tutor is also a rich source of Culture !

Get the private attention and resources that you need to finally start learning Spanish. Weekly Sessions are flexible and you choose when you have classes.

Creators of the Course

Mr. Dustin Scott

Hola a todos y bienvenidos a Sapienza Educational Services ! My name is Dustin Scott Here are some facts about me:

  • I’m a native Spanish Speaker (Peru) and Polyglot.
  • I’m a law student in France and Spanish tutor for Foreigners.
  • Since 2015, I’ve been teaching Spanish in Peru and other countries and have been preparing students for the DELE Exams.
  • I’m an official examiner of DELE from the A1 to C2.
  • I’ve worked alongside Okera to create Sapienza’s own materials to teach Spanish in a pedagogical style.

Mr. Okera Duncan

As CEO of Sapienza Educational Services and a firm believer in the need for the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and the English Speaking Caribbean to become truly bilingual, I have worked closely alongside Dustin to craft this unique course. This is a course like no other and provides the level of interaction and comfort needed to truly enable the language acquisition process.

This course is perfect for:

  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Young Professionals
  • Seasoned Professionals
  • and generally anyone looking for a Solid Foundation in the Spanish Language.

As a former National Open Scholar in the field of Foreign Languages and CXC Regional Merit Lister for CSEC and CAPE (Spanish and French), I have full faith and belief that this course is the perfect option for anyone looking to get their feet wet and finally develop a strong introductory Spanish language capacity and fluency.

Course Structure

10 Units

Sapienza's Bilingue A1 Level Spanish Course is separated into 10 Units of Study expected to give the students a comprehensive exposure to Spanish Vocabulary and Grammar and an insight into Latin American Culture.

40 Hours

In accordance with the CEFR, an A1 Student is suppose to complete at least 40 contact hours of study in order to satisfy the A1 Requirements. Students should have at least two 1 Hour Sessions per week totaling 4- 5 months of study.


With the completion of each unit, there will be a full examination done at the end which will include testing of writing, reading, speaking and listening. All students must complete each exam to obtain their certificates.


Get Assignments and exercises to complete in between class sessions for the week to keep your Spanish going. You'll have access to the Course Book with accompanying Audio Files for your personal usage.

Topics to be Covered

Course Features

The Bilingue Course comes with its own textbook written and compiled by Mr. Dustin Scott . The textbook is divided into 10 Units and comes equipped with all the information that students would need to successfully develop A1 Competency.

This Course comes equipped with original listening exercises to accompany the text book. The recordings are all Native Spanish Speakers so students get the opportunity to hear Authentic Spoken Spanish and get their ears accustomed.

Students can choose when they want to study and the days and times that they’d like to have classes each week. They are free to work in conjunction with their tutors to set timings that are mutually beneficial.

Students are tested at the end of each unit in traditional foreign language style with a written component that will test Reading and Writing as well as an oral component that will test Speaking and Listening.

Your tutor is more than just your teacher ! Tutors are extremely friendly and supportive and are always willing to help you along the way by answering any questions that you may have and providing extra learning resources.

Stay tuned through our course as we provide multiple resources online on our Social Media Pages and especially YouTube Channel to complement your language learning journey. When we’re done with you, we want you to be speaking fluently and confidently !

Course Benefits

Learning a language is no easy feat but it’s very much possible with the right approach. Having a native speaker to guide your language learning is key to developing foreign language competency. With Bilingue, we offer you this opportunity at your convenience.

We know very well how it feels to spend money to go to Spanish Class and have to share the space with many other students who are trying to do what you want to do, Learn ! The Classroom can get busy and sometimes you get lost in the clutter. With the Bilingue Course, there’s no reason to get lost ! We ensure that you get what you signed up for.

We make it our business to ensure that you get what you need to get done, DONE ! Between the administration and the tutors themselves, we ensure that you are reminded about your class sessions and that you are up to date with all developments in the course.

We offer flexible payment plans to suit the needs of each student. Students can choose to pay for the course in full, monthly or per session depending on their preferences. Payments can be made online through PayPal or deposited directly to our Business Account.

Be a part of a growing community of learners online who all have similar goals and objectives like yourself. Join the Facebook Group for the Course and stay connected with learners like yourself as you all move through the course together.

All our tutors are highly qualified and have lots of experience in teaching their native language as a foreign language to learners in their country and all over the world. We only hire the Cream of the Crop to ensure that you never spend a bad cent with us.

Payment Plans

Full Course

Students can choose to pay in full for the entire course with a one time payment and benefit from a discounted pricing structure.


Students can pay by the month as well for their tuition with a flexible monthly plan that covers your costs for 8 sessions during the month.

Per Session

Students can pay per session (1 hour) if they so choose but they miss out on extra savings available with the other bulk payments.

Bilingue Spanish A1 Course

Tutor-led Spanish Course
$TTD 4200
Full Course
  • Save 16% on this Plan
  • Focus on Learning and not Payments
  • 100 % Session Scheduling Flexibility
Best Offer

Bilingue Spanish A1 Course

Tutor-led Spanish Course
$TTD 900
Monthly Installment
  • Pay Monthly and Enjoy 10% Savings
  • Focus on Learning
  • Schedule Your Monthly Sessionss Freely

Bilingue Spanish A1 Course

Tutor-led Spanish Course
$TTD 125
Pay Per Session
  • Best Pricing for Private Tutoring
  • Track your learning
  • Schedule Your Next Session

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Online Conversational Classes

For students above the beginner/elementary level looking to improve their fluency and language proficiency.

Above the beginner level and looking for conversational classes ? Feel free to tell us a bit about what type of online class you’re interested in below so that we can get back to you with a customized offer. Please indicate your current level of Spanish and any past qualifications.

Make Your Payments Below

Payment Scheme

Best Offer

Benefit from one of the best prices on the market for online private tutoring with trained and experienced native language teachers from across Latin America. This course provides the perfect flexibility for learners who are looking to schedule classes around their busy daily routines and professional lives. Take classes and improve your level of Spanish on your own timing from anywhere !

Online Conversational Class

Pay Per Session
$TTD 150
Per Session
  • Individual Attention and Focus
  • Asignments and Extra Resources Given
  • Speak with Native Language Tutors
Best Offer

DELE and SIELE Prep Courses

For students looking to acquire internationally recognized Spanish Language certificates, we offer specialized examination preparation courses administered by globally certified and experienced DELE and SIELE examiners.

Do you possess the skills and aptitudes necessary to sit the DELE and SIELE Examinations ? Looking for focused one on one attention to prepare you for these exams ? Tell us about your level of Spanish (A1 – C2) and which exam you’d be interested in sitting below.


Most frequent questions and answers

An private course is a course completely administered online where students have video chat sessions with their tutors via Skype or Google Hangouts, access course content and resources.

Only students who have registered and paid can access course content. Once you are enrolled, the Course Material would be sent to you periodically or in full depending on your payment option.

Scheduling classes are easy and this would be done by the student and tutor respectively. Choose days and times that are suitable for you and your tutor once you meet the minimum required number of weekly sessions.

At the end of each course, you will be sent an online certificate of completion that demonstrates that you have met all the criteria for completing the course including quizzes and exams and will show how much hours you have devoted to your study.

Paying for your courses are easy ! We allow for secure credit and debit card payments through WiPay and PayPal Platorms which we highly recommend for easy and protected payments for your course sessions. Direct Deposits are also accepted.

This would be dependent on you and your schedule. We require a minimum of 2 sessions weekly which would allow for course completion in at least 4-5 months. With flexible session planning, you can even finish the course in less time.

Here at Sapienza we pride ourselves in providing a cadre of well structured and specially crafted courses that are sure to get you to your desired language proficiency. While we are not locally accredited, we push our students to seek international Spanish certifications with our great teaching and guidance.

We can assure you that our prices are extremely competitive for the type and calibre of programs that we offer. Private tutoring in and of itself is an expensive undertaking but we provide it to you at unbeatable rates and from any location once you have a device and internet connection.