Preschool Program

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Program Highlights

The ¡Vamos Niños! Preschool Program pioneered by Sapienza Educational Services is designed to expose our young trinibagonian minds (3-5 years old) to the Spanish Language and associated Hispanic and Latin American Culture.

Research has shown that it is better for young children to begin acquiring a foreign language at an earlier age as their minds are in state of development where it is very much easier for this acquisition process to be facilitated effectively.

Bilingualism, especially given the current influx of our Spanish- Speaking neighbours from Venezuela, is key in our society. Affording our young charges this opportunity to acquire a second language is equipping them for future success in a sociey and job market that is constantly evolving !

Course Structure

Classes would be conducted by fluent (mostly native) spanish speakers who would engage students in a range of fun and interactive exercises and activities. We focus on incorporating storytelling, dance, music and cultural insights within our program to not only teach our young charges about the Spanish Language but also to present its associated Hispanic & Latin Culture to them.

  • Classes would be conducted weekly and would last 45 minutes to an hour
  • Schools must book a day and time that is suitable for them and would last for the duration of the program.
  • The program is divided into units that should be completed within a term’s time.
  • Facilitators would provide the materials (if any) needed for the classes but would also make use of any materials that may be within the classroom (for example, counters,charts,etc.)


We currently serve schools located on the East/West Corridor, Central and South areas so feel free to contact us  and get your school involved in an amazing program that is sure to get your students eager about the Spanish Language.

Payment Scheme

Vamos Niños Preschool Spanish Program

Termly Payment per Child Enrolled
$TTD 200
Per Term - Per Child
  • Resources and Materials Provided
  • Competent and Child-Friendly Instructors
  • Interactive and Fun Activities

Want to Register your School ?

If you are a Principal or Teacher at a Preschool and are interested in implementing a program of this nature within your school curriculum, feel free to drop a message below and inform us so that we can discuss further.