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QUINTO SERIES : CSEC Spanish Prep Course

The Ideal Online Prep Course for students pursuing CSEC Spanish

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Most frequent questions and answers

An online course is a course completely administered online where students can follow content, complete lessons, take quizzes and submit assignments for review by their course instructors.

Only enrolled students can see the content of our free and paid courses. If you are not registered on the site and enrolled in the course, you do not have that access.

Your go-to place for all your learning content and to see the courses that you’re enrolled in is the Learning Portal. Check your progress and monitor your courses seamlessly there.

At the end of each course, you will be sent an online certificate of completion that demonstrates that you have met all the criteria for completing the course including quizzes and exams.

Paying for your courses are easy ! We allow for secure credit card payments as well as PayPal Payments which we highly recommend for easy and protected payments for courses.

Most of the online courses that we offer are going to be available to students for 3 Months to Lifetime Access depending on which access option you choose.

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