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The LATAM and Caribbean Region would be better off if

Our motto is “Global Exposure through Language Learning” and we intend to empower our customers (individuals and organizations) to harness the powers of multilingualism and cultural sensitivity.

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Our Mission

To create a dynamic space in which LATAM and Caribbean nationals can actively learn and pursue foreign language study and practice with the aim of strengthening and expanding intra-regional and international ties and improving communication.

Our Five Core Pillars

     Take an active role in your own education today and learn as you go along with our products and services!

         Discover the world around you and expand your horizons beyond your normal environment. The world is your oyster so explore it !

       Meet native speakers and benefit from the interactions that you need to build your foreign language capacity and cultural sensitivity.

       Access digital resources that make learning come alive in a modern 21st Century setting.

      Access technological solutions that meet and exceed your language learning needs and expectations.

Our Aim

Sapienza Educational Services is an entrepreneurial venture aimed at the promotion of foreign language study and practice in the LATAM and Caribbean region through various products and services. We look forward to providing numerous solutions that would allow our customers to engage themselves in active language learning with applications for everyday life and specialized purposes.

In today’s world, due to increased globalization mechanisms and international partnerships, it has become increasingly important to learn foreign languages in order to foster ties and establish efficient and effective communication between companies around the globe. Additionally, with the constant evolution of migration patterns especially within the region, learning foreign languages is ever so necessary to facilitate cultural exchanges, communication and business processes in such a diverse and vibrant region.

As an institution founded on the basis of education, we see the establishment of educational partnerships and programs within the region as something relevant and necessary for the sharing and exchange of ideas and also for the networking of students across  the LATAM and Caribbean Region. In this way, we intend to play a vital role in shaping regional integration and enabling an online education platform.

Meet Our Founder

Mr. Okera Duncan - Founder and CEO

Okera is a bright and innovative young man with an appetite for entrepreneurship, adventure, language, culture and the arts. He is an Open Scholarship Recipient in the domain of Foreign Languages and has merited on the CXC regional merit list at CSEC and CAPE exams in Spanish and French five times in a row. Okera is also a student at the UWI- ALJGSB where he studies International and Sustainable Business and is the President of the UWI-ALJGSB C.G.M.T initiative, a student ambassador of the institution and also cohort representative. He is an avid language learner and currently speaks French, Spanish, English, Kwéyòl and is learning Mandarin and Portuguese. He is the Founder and CEO of Sapienza Educational Services , a language and cultural services Business and also runs a blog entitled “Brightboy Inspired” on Instagram.  He is involved in numerous other groups and projects as well when he’s not busy managing his business.

Our Ideal Team


Are you a creative at heart ? Do you enjoy finding novel solutions to problems? We're looking for creative and critical thinkers.


Do you have the skills and aptitudes that could take this operation to another level? Tell us about what you can do !


We're not in the business of hiring dreamers. We're seeking action oriented people who materialise their big ideas.

Foreign Language Majors

We intend to become a lucrative and attractive employment option for foreign language majors currently in university and those that have graduated already. We recognize that as it currently stands, the employment options for pure foreign language majors in the region are limited and often lead to traditional jobs like teaching, interpreting and translations. While we do acknowledge the importance of these careers, we intend to create new exciting careers and opportunities that would allow foreign language specialists to explore the full capacity of their talents.

Creative Youth

The future of the LATAM and Caribbean Region lies in the hands of the youth. Sapienza is adamant about being a youth driven enterprise with innovation, creativity and diversification as its key objectives. We intend on hiring individuals with skills and aptitudes are relevant, suited to the technological advances around us and poised to be useful in the Digital Era that we live in. Whether you’re into videography,  photography, software development or any other creative field, we have a place for you !

International Business Majors

Are you an international business major looking to get a start in managing operations across different countries and doing business internationally ? Do you speak at least one other foreign language ? If so, then we’re looking for people like you ! Join a team that’s breaking down boundaries and going beyond borders to form new partnerships and create new exciting opportunities.

Do you want to be a part of a Dynamic Team ?

We’re always on the look out for talented individuals who are willing to join a dynamic and international team here at Sapienza. If you think you have what it takes and are passionate about foreign languages and cultures, fill out the form below and get it contact with us !

Some of Our Recent Highlights



Pro Bono

Basic Spanish for Medical Purposes

Basic Spanish for Medical Purposes

On October 10th, 2019, we partnered with the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Student Association to launch a Medical Spanish Short Course at the Medical School Campus in Mt. Hope.

Vamos Niños : Immersive Preschool Spanish Program

In October 2019, we launched our immersive Spanish Program for Preschool students in Trinidad and Tobago where we're aiming to empower our young bright minds from inception.

Foto de Sapienza Educational Services

Sathya Sai Seva Outreach

On Saturday 8th June 2019, our founder, Okera Duncan, functioned as a Spanish Language Liaison at the Lange Park Sai Centre for the Organisation's outreach effort to Venezuelan Migrants.

The Gift Center and SN Photography 108 Migrant Outreach

On Friday 14th June 2019, our founder, Okera Duncan, acted as a Spanish Liaison for this Venezuelan Migrant Outreach Program

Meeting with Panamanian Ambassador

On June 12th 2019, our founder, Mr. Okera Duncan, met with the Former Panamanian Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago , Luis Cigarruista Vargas, to discuss areas of collaboration,networking and business between both countries.

Chagunas Borough Corporation

On July 11th 2019, Mr. Okera Duncan gave a dynamic presentation on the Hispanic Heritage of Trinidad and Tobago for the Chaguanas Borough Corporation's Staff Production entitled, "A Journey through Time: The People Who Came and the People Who Are Here Now".